Driving Lessons

The most successful driving instructors are those who have a concern for their students and are most sensitive to their learning requirements.

One of my first priorities is to create a good working relationship with my students. I like to know what has motivated them to learn to drive and to try and maintain this motivation. No two students are the same, each person will progress at their own pace but I have not met anyone who was not nervous or did not make mistakes. I want my students to be able to make a mistake without the risk of feeling inadequate. I also want to be able to discuss freely students fears and anxieties, if any, about their progress. Further to this I feel it is very important to maintain a humorous and stress free environment in the car.

I use visual aids and diagrams to explain every stage of your lessons and give you detailed handout advice to keep so you can recap your lessons at any time.

So if it's your first time behind the wheel of a car or if you took lessons before and for what ever reason you stopped and now want to start driving again or maybe your driving test is approaching soon and you want to prepare properly contact us and your lessons will be structured to your needs.

Book a Lesson

12 EDT Lessons + logbook - € 520
1 Hour Lesson - € 50
5 Lessons - € 230
10 Lessons - € 450
Pre-Test - € 95 (approx 2 hours)
Car Hire for Test + Warm-Up Drive - € 150
Gift Vouchers available

Nolan Driving School
  • 1 Hour Lesson - € 50
  • 5 Lessons - € 230
  • 10 Lessons - € 450
  • 12 EDT Lessons + logbook - € 520
  • Pre-Test - € 95 (approx 2 hours)
  • Gift Vouchers Available
  • Car Hire for test + Warm-Up Drive - € 150
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